A short article distributed by Education Today toward the beginning of October of 2002 began a discussion that isn’t settled to this time. In addition, in numerous views it gets more keen as distance learning develops. The contention is between two basically various ways to deal with learning. On one side are supporters of creating normalized courses that can be conveyed effectively and efficiently by any instructor, in any climate, to any understudy body. All in all, these are promoters of commoditization of schooling. They are gone against by defenders of training that is exceptionally explicit to both instructor’s experience and understudies’ necessities. This instruction can immediately join and react to most current logical accomplishments and difficulties. Sir John Daniel, at the time UNESCO Assistant Director-General for Education and the creator of the article, was the first to intelligently express the previous position that can be decreased to the accompanying thoughts:

 Commoditization … is a vital كاتشب هاينز interaction for carrying success to conventional individuals… Commoditization of learning material [is] an approach to carry schooling to all.

 Secret [to success] is to offer a restricted scope of dishes as wares that have a similar look, taste and quality all over.

 Commoditizing training need not mean commercializing schooling. The instructive local area ought to embrace the model of the open source programming development. We can envision a future wherein educators and organizations make their courseware and learning materials unreservedly accessible on the web. Any other individual can interpret and adjust them for nearby utilize gave they make their new form unreservedly accessible as well.

 When items become wares there is furious value rivalry among producers and net revenues are crushed. Makers disdain this and ventures frequently need to rebuild, however shoppers advantage incredibly.

Briefly written in a vivacious language with correlations drawn between McDonald’s eateries and instructive establishments, this article obviously hit a crude sore spot of instructive local area all throughout the planet. A considerable lot of the teachers condemned Sir John Daniel for “consumeristic” way to deal with training,

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