The Top 5 Online Games For 2011

Online games are a huge hit in today’s world. Almost everyone who accesses the Internet has tried an online game at one point or another. And while some are so mediocre that you may quickly forget them, others are a gem that you will never forget. From massively multiplayer online games to single player puzzle games, there is something for everyone. If you are interested in trying one of the most popular online games of 2011, consider checking out the following options:

1. World of Warcraft
This game has been running strong for years and there is no slowdown in sight. It is considered an MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game) and provides hours and hours of fun for people around the world who have access to the internet and a decent computer. Players choose characters and names for themselves and take to the world to undertake missions, meet up with other real-life players, and fight the good fight as the story unfolds. If you want to get your hands on this game, you can get a ten-day free trial, but you’ll have to pay around $ 15 a month for access thereafter.

2. Lord of the Rings Online
This is another MMORPG that has gained popularity since its inception. It is similar to World of Warcraft in that it is set in a world where people can meet and talk to each other no matter where they are playing, and the missions UFABET  along with the stories drive what this game has to offer. However, unlike World of Warcraft, you don’t need to pay a monthly fee to play. This is a good game to get your feet wet if you are new to the world of online multiplayer games.

3. Star Wars: The Old Republic
Those who love movies or just like to watch the characters will like this game concept. Set in the deep and dark universe, players can travel through space and complete missions that will help them and their fleet conquer the forces of evil that abound. The galaxy is huge, so don’t expect to get bored too easily or too quickly.

4. The Agency
This game is a bit different from the average MMORPG, as it also incorporates shooter and strategy in addition to the role-paying aspect of it all. There are two factions to choose from when playing, both of which face each other in the ultimate battle for control.

5. Guild Wars 2
This is a remake of the original game that debuted years ago. There are many new games and options available in the latest version, which is creating quite a stir among die-hard online gamers. With updated missions, character options, and stories, this is expected to be one of the most popular new games of the year.

These are the best of the best. So whether you want to play the best, download free games, or play free games online, there are quite a few options. But, if you want to know which are the 5 best games of 2011 … here is your list.


3 Reasons Why Multiplayer Online Games Can Be So Addictive

Today, thousands of players are addicted to online multiplayer games. These range from games like World of Warcraft that cater for hardcore gamers, to free games like Mafia Wars that are played on Facebook.

Considering that many games charge a monthly fee, what keeps players coming back for more, compared to more traditional offline games? This article presents 3 reasons:

1) Most players have a competitive streak and online multiplayer games allow you to compare yourself to other players live. Unlike competing against the computer, you have the satisfaction of knowing that when you have killed, you have actually defeated a real human being and not a fixed code.

2) Many online multiplayer games now appeal to the casual gamer who prefers non-competitive cooperative play. Games featured on social media sites like Facebook have a smooth learning curve and appeal to all ages and genders. For some players, games take on a more social than competitive nature. On top of that, you hardly ever see a “Game Over” screen in most online games, attracting casual gamers who don’t see the fun of repeating a mission over and over again.

3) Unlike traditional offline games, online multiplayer game developers are actively involved in maintaining the game environment, constantly modifying games to avoid boredom or close loopholes. Game developers regularly introduce new content and gear to reward UFA  players for their continued loyalty to the game. These give players the added motivation to collect the most powerful weapons and gear in the game.

Some of today’s most popular online games can attract hundreds of thousands of fans. If you haven’t tried this yet, why not check out what all the fuss is about now?

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Online Games Add Sex Appeal to Women

Men have different preferences when it comes to women. In fact, they can be very specific with their “criteria” of what makes a woman desirable. But who can really blame them? Maybe that’s the way the male psyche is designed and maybe that’s the way it will always be.

It is a fact that preferences, like taste, differ from person to person, especially with men. Some men prefer women who wear pumps or very high heels and some prefer women who wear flats or flip flops. Some men are attracted to curvy women and others prefer slim ones. Others prefer women who wear makeup, while others prefer women who are simple and straightforward. Men have many preferences over women, and these preferences generally vary from man to man.

The number of female players has grown sporadically these days. In fact, some players play better compared to men. You will be surprised when you see a really beautiful girl playing an online game and becoming one of the guys. Ask the guys who like online games and they ยูฟ่าเบท  will have one thing in common regarding girls – they find girl players to be attractive! They would even tell you that a girl who is passionate about online games definitely makes her even more attractive.

Whatever it is that makes men crazy about women who like online games, anyone can easily link this fact to the reality that hardly anyone can see any female players around. Maybe because they have a secret life or something. It is human nature to be fascinated by taboos. And right now, people, specifically men, find it taboo when girls play online games, unaware that they are about to be outnumbered.…