Windows – Curtain Ideas For Bay Windows

December 6, 2021 0 Comments

Most individuals choose window treatments for their windows that will help to show off the real appeal of the architectural design of these windows, which include roman shades, shutters, and drapes.

Roman shades may be one of the most popular with the main reason being they are created from fabric and give the bay windows a classy atmosphere. According to the scene outside, you want the blinds to not outshine the beauty outside. On the other hand, if the outside view is city buildings you may want to dress up the bay window with a bit more color. Valances will also give the blinds an even more classic look.

Some individuals prefer shutters that give the bay windows a more rustic country theme. The shutters come in an array of colors or you can paint them to match the décor. This is the most common window treatment for kitchen bay windows.

Curtains or drapes may be the most popular of all as window treatments there are many different choices. With ceiling to floor bay windows, the curtains can be designed with sheers on all three windows with thicker drapes over the top of the sheer so you can open the drapes and still have privacy when you desire or pull the sheers back to enjoy the bright sunlight.

If you do choose curtains, you should also consider remote control curtains, so you can easily open the curtain you desire or all the curtains without the hassles of pulling cords or touching the curtains, which will actually make the curtains, last longer.