Timeline of End-Time Events

In Matthew 24, the supporters of Jesus came to Him and got some information about when the finish of the age would come. Jesus at that point sat them down and gave them a diagram of the course of events of end-time occasions. He let them know, “when ye see these things occurring, realize the time is close.”

A large number of the things that Jesus referenced have just happened. In any case, a couple of them are yet to come. So what are a portion of the things yet to come?

The Great Deception

The primary thing that Jesus cautioned his followers about was trickiness. He said that many would come in His name and misdirect many, saying the end is close. What’s more, he cautioned them not to follow them. (See Luke 21:8)

This is going on today, however it will keep on deteriorating as the chance to the end moves nearer.

Wars and Rumors of Wars

The following occasion that Jesus talked about was wars and bits of gossip about wars. He advised the pupils not to be apprehensive, as those things must occur before the end can come.

Up until today there have been 2 universal wars, and them two happened over the most recent 100 years. An ever increasing number of amazing weapons are being made regular, and it appears like there is consistently a war going on some place.

Cataclysmic events

Cataclysmic events are additionally on the ascent, and Jesus anticipated that they would occur. Seismic tremors, twisters, floods and woodland fires are getting more regular as time passes. Starvations and plague sicknesses are additionally on the ascent.

The Anti-Christ

In 2 Thessalonians 2, Paul composes that the happening to Jesus Christ can’t occur until the counter christ comes and sets up his seat in the sanctuary, as though he were God. Most Christians are as yet searching for the counter christ, however Paul said that the soul of the counter christ previously existed at the hour of him composing the letter. Subsequently the counter christ framework is as of now here too.

The Beast, the Image, and the Mark of the Beast

The monster, the picture, and the sign of the brute are additionally Daniel on the watch list. What’s more, by and by, each of them three have been, or are on the scene. The brute alludes to the Jews who executed Jesus, which isn’t; the picture alludes to the places of worship (the Roman Catholic Church, and every one of the individuals who came out of it), and the sign of the monster is as of now composed on the temple, or, on the correct hand of the individuals who don’t serve God.

The entirety of the above have been satisfied, however that doesn’t imply that the end is close. Numerous individuals are foreseeing the arrival of Christ today, however 2 Peter 3:3-4 expresses that in the most recent days there will be scoffers, saying “where is the guarantee of his coming?” Thus the end can’t and won’t come until those scoffers come unto the scene.

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