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Why buying a property in France?


Apart from the more business like reasons below, many see France as a more laid back and cheaper way of life. There is a saying, the French live to eat not eat to live, perhaps this gives a more idyllic slower lifestyle impression.

There are many regions in France and many would has a kinder climate than the wetter cooler UK weather. In the French countryside there are some incredible bargain to be had. Especially if the property is to be renovated.

France is very easy to get to from the UK and travel is very avoidable whether traveling via car, rail boat or air. There transportation there is first class, in fact many would argue it is superior to that of the UK with faster more reliable trains and more less congested roads.

The cost of living is of a good standard and the Euro makes life easy for traveling throughout the European Union. France is one of the wealthiest countries within the European Union, however after the credit crisis many would argue it is not so financially robust as before.

The French people are very welcoming the British and many are able to speak some English, though it is preferable to learn the French language.

  • A reassuring regulation and protection of the buyers / borrowers
    • A stable market compared to most of the European housing markets
    • Attractive prices and low rates
    • High standards of construction
      Preserved surroundings and environment