eBay has reported its new arrangement a copy postings strategy that expresses that venders can’t post copy postings of things that are indistinguishable. With this arrangement, purchasers are currently ready to see from a decent determination of things that are not dull. In this way, it saves them the time and energy it would take to peruse depictions of comparable things. Also, the perceivability for incredible postings has been improved, giving venders the correct openness. The second this strategy became effective on October 26, 2010, eBay finished any copy postings that it found. Here are a couple of oftentimes posed inquiries about the new strategy to assist you with understanding the approach better.

What Does The New Policy On Duplicate Listing Entail?

The new approach on copy posting states that on account of any posting in the Fixed Price class, a thing that a dealer sets available to be purchased ought to impressively contrast from a thing that a similar vender offers in another of their postings in the Fixed Price classification. On the off chance that there is products of a thing in the Fixed Price class that don’t contrast essentially, they should be put on proposal in the posting of Fixed Price with multi-amount choice. On the off chance that the thing is appropriate for specific items, models or brands, a vender can have upwards of five postings.

Why Has This Policy Been Initiated?

eBay has started this approach so venders accomplish most extreme deals, while purchasers view and buy from a wide and moving scope of things that are relevant to what they are looking for. This approach is particularly implied for list items to raise the best postings rather than various copy postings from a similar vender.

When eBay closes my copy postings, will I be discounted my posting expenses?

The first run through eBay closes your copy posting, you will be credited your charges for posting update and addition. These credits will appear on the receipt of fifteenth November for those merchants whose charging cycle starts from the mid of consistently and on the receipt of first December for those venders who get bills from the first of consistently. Nonetheless, if eBay finds that you actually have copy Fixed Priced postings for things that are the very same, at that point your copy postings will be finished and your expenses won’t be discounted.

In the event that eBay closes a posting unintentionally, will I be liable for relisting my thing? Will I be credited for my inclusion and posting redesign charges?

In the event that eBay builds up that your posting has been finished accidentally, you will get a kudos for your charges for posting redesign and inclusion. Notwithstanding, you will be dependable to relist the things. It is suggested that you check your posting, distinguishing at any rate two regions of contrast (in thing particulars, posting title, photograph, caption, value, thing condition, item ID, area, and portrayal or in the segment of similarity in eBay Motors Parts and Accessories) to guarantee that the error isn’t made once more.

Will I be educated when eBay has finished my copy postings?

Indeed, you will be told through email that your copy postings have been finished.

Can I relist any postings that eBay has finished?

Indeed, you can, if you show in any event two huge contrasts between the things.

Is the new strategy pertinent to Auction-style postings or Auction-style postings with Buy It Now?

The new Duplicate Listing strategy isn’t material to Auction-style postings or Auction-style postings with Buy It Now.

Will eBay consolidate my whole stock into one posting prior to finishing a copy posting?

eBay will just end your copy postings. It won’t make changes to your posting amount. To maintain a strategic distance from eBay from terminating your copy postings and from there on punishing you for it (after the first occasion when that it does), you should blend your stock and drop copy postings yourself.

In the event that eBay closes a copy posting that has been purchased or is being watched, what happens at that point?

The second eBay closes a posting; purchasers who have it on their Watch rundown will be educated. The posting will appear as “Finished.” If a purchaser has resolved to buy a thing from the posting that eBay has finished, the vender and the purchaser are both liable for finishing the exchange. The standard securities for the two players (purchaser and vender) are as yet appropriate.

I have things that just capacity with specific models and brands. How would I make a posting of them?

On the off chance that you have things that essentially work with specific models and brands, you can show them. Truth be told, you can have a limit of five Fixed Price postings. The postings ought to explicitly specify the item or brand that the thing is intended for. Moreover, the items or brands that are indicated should be free todoist alternative exceptional to each posting. Note: this is the solitary exemption for the strategy of one Fixed Price posting for each thing. For example, you can have a telephone charger that fits Blackberry Curve, Motorola RAZR and Nokia 5310.

You have three postings for a thing that is actually the equivalent. In any case, the postings are not equivalent to the items or models contrast from one another. Take exceptional note that this training can’t be applied to all inclusive things like AA batteries as they fit practically all models and makes.

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