Bridging Loan

 Bridge LendingFast Short Term Finance


This high speed short term finance maybe used for the purpose of an auction purchase for a home or investment property. For potentially down sizing to a smaller house or if there is a need to break out of a chain of buyers and sellers.

Prime bridging maybe used for a property portfolio purchase. The fast time it takes to source the finance can be the difference between achieving a good deal or losing an opportunity. There are no exit fees which in some cases can be quite considerable so this keeps costs down. There are no margin costs either so for example some bridging lending will load the valuation and solicitor costs in order to make extra profit. And there are competitive low rates o the monthly payments. This combination makes the deal as a whole a quality financial product.

There is normally an entrance fee along with the basic valuation and legals costs. An exit strategy would normally be the sale of a property or monies to be received soon after the short term lending is obtained. From 1st April 2014 the FCA will take over from the Office of Fair Trading and there may be potentially different or changing regulation criteria toward bridging finance and also a secured loan .

Bridging may also be used for payment of bills, this could be as large tax or VAT bill. It might also be used in order to free up cash flow. Sums of borrowing can be for several million if the underwriters are content that the loan can be serviced and their risk is low by having good security.

French lenders for example may will look for high net worth clients so reducing their risk. If a client has a good credit rating and is wealthy, in the form of tangible assets, high income or a valuable property owner then they will be able to obtain a big bridging loan which has a very fast completion time.