Asset Finance

lease machineryLease And Buy Finance


If you are looking to raise finance to purchase company equipment, we can quickly source you the best deal to suit your individual circumstances.

 An efficient way a company can purchase goods and equipment for business trading. Many businesses need to raise monies to purchase business vehicles, machinery, information technology, telecoms, business equipment and premises fittings.

Really the list is endless but basically any tangible items that a company needs to trade. This can range in price from £1,000 to £1,000,000. Though most of the better deals potentially come into effect above £10,000.

Plans are very flexible to suit the many needs and different criteria of the multitude or businesses and sectors that trade. This might include the ability to rent or to buy and sale and lease back agreements. To purchase over a short term or over many years.


Refinance Existing Machinery and Plant


If you have tangible assets worth buying and wish to release their cash value then you may be able to agree a sale and lease-back scheme also known as lease purchase. A great way to raise capital with company assets perhaps as a deposit to buy a premises or foe working capital and cash-flow. This is where you can sell you equipment and get a lump sum of cash for equipment then the lending provider will lease back to you. A great way to simply and quickly release cash. Some asset finance will provide potentially suitable businesses with individually tailored finance arrangements to suit their criteria and needs.

Here are some other schemes to aid cash-flow finance and avoid an expensive bank overdraft for example payroll finance, factoring, sale and leaseback and operating lease.